Grim Limousines Knoxville

Knoxville woman turns love for macabre into business opportunity

Paige Travis,

Posted July 11, 2011 at midnight

"Dani Owenby's enthusiasm for the macabre is infectious as a zombie's bite. But if you think she's anything other than a normal, animal-rescuing, Martha Stewart-adoring gardener, you'd be dead wrong.

"She's always indulged a taste for the morbid. The legendary Halloween parties she threw in Old North Knoxville took a month or more to decorate for with scads of skeletons, pumpkins and cobwebs stored in the basement of the 1927 East Knoxville home she now shares with her husband, an airline pilot.

"She also admits to a love of horror films, although her taste for blood and guts has waned as of late. Nowadays, her affinity for decor and cinema is more Miss Havisham than Fangoria.


Ghoulish rides up-town and year-round

Erin Donovan, Live at Five at Four,

Posted October 28, 2011 at 4:30 p.m.

"When I think of cars around this time of year I think ofChristine. Stephen King created a monster. Now when I saw Herschel I didn't think monster I thought macabre.

"Dani Owenby talks highly of the 1987 Cadillac that takes her and her customers around town, 'anywhere around town, but mostly dead end streets.'

"Owenby has a great sense of humor when she talks about the family business, Grim Limos. Grim Limos has two cars, but we had the pleasure of rolling around in the Brahm hearse. The door locks are actually skulls and the velour from seat is reminiscent of something your grandfather might have driven.




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